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Technological processes automation

Technological processes automation  is the main way to increase productivity, improve the goods quality, reduce the influence of the human factor on the process.

Automation of technological processes  is achieved through the introduction of new technologies, latest generation equipment, control components, as well as through the introduction of new software into the production process, which allows you to calculate and plan resources, control production waste, thereby increasing profitability and economic feasibility.
If the automation of technological processes allows you to increase the productivity of a certain area, then the integrated automation of enterprises allows you to plan and manage resources, control financial costs and profits, and increase the productivity of the entire enterprise.

Engineering company Automatic Group – USA Florida offers a full range of services for the production process automation:

  • research and analysis of the production current state;
  • an automation system development;
  • system integration into the production process;
  • setting for maximum efficiency;
  • maintenance during operation;
  • 24/7 operational support during the warranty period

Technological processes automation allows

  • monitor production processes
  • timely receive objective information
  • significantly reduce financial costs
  • simplify accounting
  • provide control over the technological process
  • improve the automation system

When developing and implementing automated process control systems at a particular enterprise, Automatic Group USA specialists in Florida use not only existing software from equipment manufacturers, but also develop their own application software and integration modules. This allows you to take into account the requirements and features of production and business processes of a particular enterprise.

Automation of technological processes includes

  • development of a project for complex automation of the facility
  • modernization of an existing automation project (correction of existing software)
  • transition from older to newer systems (eg migration of Simatic S5 – Simatic S7)
  • programming of controllers
  • programming of operator panels
  • programming of SCADA systems
  • commissioning of equipment for automated process control systems
  • commissioning of control systems
  • service maintenance of automation systems
  • training of APCS engineers,
  • technical support for users of the control system
  • development of programs for the controller using the PCS7, STEP7 packages
  • visualization of technological processes using PCS7, WinCC packages
  • parameterization of AC and DC drives
  • creation of technological libraries for various industries
  • implementation of remote control and monitoring of equipment

Contact to Engineering company Automatic Group – USA Florida and our engineers will develop the APCS software, implement and configure its operation at your enterprise.

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