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Programming and setting up equipment

Programming and setting up equipment

Automatic Group USA performs work on programming and setting up equipment that is designed to control technological processes in production (APCS).

Works are distributed on a three-tiered architecture:

  • Lower level (level of sensors, measuring and actuating devices)

At this level, instrumentation specialists carry out precise adjustments of the sensors to obtain the necessary signals in the specified ranges. With their help, the operator receives information about all the necessary parameters of the production process.

  • Intermediate level (PLC, HMI level)

This level includes the development of software for the controller and operator panel for the technological process execution, tracking the stages of production.

Our specialists have experience with Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, OMRON equipment.

  • Upper level (level of servers and user PC, SCADA)

This includes the development and connection of a software package (SCADA-supervisory control system), what will allow real-time collection, processing and data display from the control object, archiving it in order to obtain statistics for making further decisions.

Our specialists have experience with the following systems: SIEMENS SIMATIC WinCC, Wonderware InTouch, etc.

In addition, Automatic Group USA specialists can organize the implementation of an automated control system for the enterprise, what is designed for effectively production management and economic activities of the enterprise.

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