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Automatic group is competent in realization of numerous repair and construction works of various profile direction and any level of complexity.
The list of services includes: detailed design, construction of production facilities, modernization of industrial facilities. In addition, we are working on the phased development and construction of buildings that have certain architectural features due to production conditions or technological purposes.
For the construction of buildings and structures of the industrial vector, it is necessary to take into account many technological nuances at all stages of the project. The aspect of ecological construction and future purpose of the industrial object is considered first of all. Then we take into account the compliance of the building with production requirements – the specifics of the production environment, technological features, storage conditions. During construction works we take into account a number of important factors of influence: indicators of humidity and temperature, tightness and reliability of the system of industrial waste disposal, etc. Adherence to national and international standards at every stage of construction is a must.

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