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Industrial robotics

Industrial robotics and cobots

Modern industrial robots and cobots are becoming more and more useful, productive, intelligent and capable of solving a wide range of complex tasks. By enabling robots to perform complex, repetitive and often dangerous tasks, human workers are empowered to do smarter and safer work.

Automatic group offers the development and configuration of systems based on industrial robots of various types. We study in detail the Customer needs and offer optimal solutions for the robots implementation in production processes.

The experience of Automatic group employees allows us to develop and configure systems based on the following types of robots:

Industrial robots

Industrial robots are devices that work according to a given program and carry out movement and control as part of the production process. Their purpose is to perform certain operations and move objects under the control of the operator or without his participation. Traditional robots that operate at high speeds and with large applied forces, while providing high precision movements. Requires special security conditions: physical barriers, light barriers, etc. Experts identify three main types of industrial robots:
  • Automatic
  • Biotechnical
  • Interactive

Collaborative robots (Cobots)

These robots are designed to safely perform mechanical work in close proximity to humans without harming them. However, they have limited maximum power and strength values.

Easily adjusted to different types of work, they can be quickly trained to perform new tasks. At the moment, they are considered the best industrial robots.

Automatically controlled robots

These are autonomous mobile robots, that move along an established route with obstacle detection for the staff safety, without the participation of an onboard operator or driver. Their main purpose is the movement of various types of cargo (pallets, products, boxes, etc.) across the enterprise territory.

Industrial robots are especially actively used in those industries where accuracy and speed of action are required. They successfully replace people in dangerous or monotonous operations or when working in hostile environments.

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