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Industrial Design

Automatic group offers a simulation service that develops models of manufacturing plants for risk-free experiments. This simulation software provides a dynamic environment for analyzing computer models while they are running, including the ability to view them in 2D and 3D.

Understanding of the real picture and confidence in the further physical implementation of the model quickly develops with the ability to test processes and interact with the simulation model in action,

These solutions can be applied to any system, including discrete and continuous production, all areas of transport and logistics, construction, healthcare, service industries (catering services, restaurants, retail outlets and much more). Our experts will create a simulation model that can be used as a decision support tool.

Why it is necessary to use simulation:

  • This method provides a safe way to test and investigate different scenarios;
  • Virtual experiments save money and time unlike real experiments;
  • Allows monitoring the behavior of the system over time at any level of detail;
  • Reduces the duration of processes that actually take much longer.

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