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Programming of industrial equipment
Programming of industrial equipment

Programming of industrial equipment

For reliable and efficient operation of equipment for the automation of technological processes, our specialists carry out programming of industrial equipment and adjustment of the performance of electrical equipment at the production site. The engineers of Automatic Group Florida offer the software for automated process control systems of both their own developments and suppliers that have already proven themselves in the market. We can offer you both basic APCS software and special software products developed for a specific APCS for control, regulation, management and dispatching. Automatic Group Florida has extensive experience programming of industrial equipment: from simple tasks to complex automation solutions for an entire plant. The introduction of high-tech automated control systems contributes to the optimization of production processes, allows increasing output at minimal cost. Modern software solutions for integrated automation have a positive effect on reducing financial, energy and resource costs. We work with the software of world leaders in the field of automated process control systems. The company’s specialists own such products as Step7, WinCC, WinCCFlexible,  PCS7,  SQL Server and others.

Stages of industrial equipment programming

  • Analysis of technical requirements for the program
  • Development of process control algorithms
  • Program development for PLC
  • Development of programs for human-machine interface HMI
  • Development of SCADA systems and MES level systems
  • Debugging programs on stands in simulation mode and conducting FAT tests in the presence of customer specialists
  • Release of software documentation

Stages of commissioning

  • Carrying out installation and installation supervision work on the electrical part
  • Conducting an initial test of equipment and electrical switching (I / O test)
  • Setting parameters, recipes and control algorithms
  • Carrying out preliminary tests on water and product tests
  • In agreement with the customer, making changes to the program algorithms
  • Carrying out final tests and handing over the system

Extensive experience in commissioning at various industries allows our specialists to be active and efficient in solving any complex issues that arise during launches. The flexibility of our approach allows us to quickly and timely make changes to program algorithms and adjust technological parameters to achieve the optimal result.

The choice of software for programming of industrial equipment is made on the basis of the Customer’s requirements for the system being created.
All projects are carried out in a single design and have functionality that meets the needs of modern process control systems. Automation solutions comply with the international standard ISA88.

Contact to Engineering company Automatic Group – USA Florida and our engineers will develop the APCS software, implement and configure its operation at your enterprise.

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