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Production lines relocation
Production lines relocation Florida

Production lines relocation

Production lines relocation with installation at a new location is a complex task. It can only be implemented by a specialized company that has at its disposal experienced employees with the necessary qualifications and appropriate rigging equipment.

Production lines relocation - the main stages of the implementation of the service

  • Dismantling and packaging of each unit, if necessary, long-term storage – their conservation.
  • Rigging work for the movement of goods to the place of their loading onto transport.
  • Reliable fastening of all goods on the vehicle, delivery to the destination. In multimodal transportation – reloading of equipment to another vehicle.
  • Unloading, rigging of cargoes to the place of their installation in accordance with the approved scheme.
  • Installation of equipment, connection of engineering systems.
  • Carrying out commissioning works.

List of rigging equipment and vehicles used by Automatic Group USA specialists

  • Hydraulic portal systems with a lifting capacity of up to 1000 tons. Allow you to conveniently lift and move heavy bulky goods. Unlike cranes, they provide maximum safety with reduced workspaces.
  • Self-propelled modular carts of famous world manufacturers. With their help, it is possible to transport super-heavy loads on public roads or on the territory of the enterprise.
  • Skidding systems. They allow moving heavy bulky goods in the horizontal direction along the sliding paths.

Advantages of applying to the company Automatic Group USA

  • Draw up transportation schemes based on engineering calculations
  • We will prepare and offer economical solutions for installation
  • We will fulfill the entire volume by the forces of our rigging teams
  • Organize the work of installers and perform the work as soon as possible
  • We carry out the entire project or its separate part
  • we guarantee the complete safety of all ongoing events, maintaining the integrity and performance of the equipment being moved

Engineering company Automatic Group USA Florida has everything necessary to pack and transport the entire plant or production lines relocation with complete dismantling of the equipment, its subsequent installation and commissioning.

Contact to company Automatic Group USA and our engineers will advise you on all issues related to moving the production line

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