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Production lines design
Production lines design

Production lines design

Modern production lines are an indispensable element of the industry. Well-designed production lines are a great way to improve production efficiency and reduce company costs.

Technological lines can be used even 24 hours a day, which greatly improves the operation of the enterprise. The undoubted advantage of modern production lines is also a high degree of safety.

Robotization of production lines

More and more company owners decide to implement modern robotics solutions in their companies. Production lines are an excellent example of the use of such systems. Robotic production lines can significantly reduce the cost of production and speed up the flow of its individual stages. Automation of production lines is becoming increasingly important. Modern technological lines are controlled by advanced robots and automatic machines.

Design of modern automatic lines

One of the first stages of design is the preparation of technological schemes.

Technological scheme of production – a sequential list of the main operations and processes of technological processing of raw materials with an indication of the processing modes used.

The choice and justification of technological schemes for the production of products is provided for by the assignment and is one of the key stages.

The second stage is the selection of the equipment used, the performance of which maximally corresponds to the production capacity of the projected enterprise (workshop, site). At this stage, it is necessary to calculate the equipment. The choice and calculation of the number of pieces of equipment is an important design stage, on which the technical and economic indicators of the project and the economic efficiency of the enterprise’s production activities depend: the quality of products, labor productivity, profit and profitability of production.

Development and design of technological lines for your business

To develop the optimal solution, a technological audit is carried out: the initial data are evaluated and the possibilities of the industrial premises in which the equipment is planned to be installed are analyzed.

At the design stage, we work on such aspects as:

  • space planning, taking into account the placement of power sources, placement of other equipment, room restrictions, etc.;
  • selection of additional equipment and automation elements;
  • optimization of placement of workplaces, additional equipment, tools, inventory;
  • ensuring technological safety on the line;

Design of production equipment with Automatic Group USA

Automatic Group Сompany specializes in the manufacture and design of automatic lines and production equipment, designed according to the unique production requirements of our customers. With extensive experience, we provide our customers with quality products and services that meet their needs.
We offer the development and production of equipment ranging from stainless steel cases to hardware and software systems for managing production lines.

  • we create and install equipment to perform the algorithm of the system;
  • determine the speed of movement on the line to implement the performance plan;
  • offer a mode of performing only useful work of equipment, saving energy;
  • we monitor and control the production process, collect data.

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