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Logistics and equipment supply

Automatic Group USA offers logistics services that include:
  • purchase and complex supply of technological equipment to the customer’s warehouse, including the provision of urgent delivery;
  • transportation of large-sized equipment from different countries using ground and air transport;
  • export of American-made equipment to Europe, CIS countries, Ukraine;
  • customs clearance, certification and sale of goods outside the United States.
Thanks to the existence of representative offices in Ukraine, the CIS, Germany and Poland, the group of companies Automatic Group can become the official distributor of your products outside the United States. The main types of supplied equipment are:
  • industrial automation;
  • electrical equipment;
  • measuring instruments;
  • industrial units for cleaning;
  • generators and coolers;
  • sprayers for farmers;
  • hydraulic and oil pumps, distributors;
  • valves, hydraulic power units and cylinders;
  • laboratory equipment;
  • spare parts and motor reducers;
  • equipment for finished products packaging;
  • industrial robots and components for palletizing;
  • weighers, couplings, shock absorbers, heat exchangers, conveyor systems, etc.

Why are we?

  • Deferred payment up to 120 days
  • Qualified assistance in the necessary equipment selection;
  • Prompt delivery due to the presence of own carrier’s base;
air transportation

Our company selects the most optimal and fastest way to deliver goods from anywhere in the world. With the help of air transportation, we deliver urgent, expensive, dangerous and lightweight cargos.

maritime transport

It is a profitable way to transport large-sized cargos between countries and continents. Our company provides a full range of maritime transportation services: from loading at the port to customs clearance at the destination and delivery to the Customer’s warehouse.

ground transportation

Company Automatic Group provides services for the delivery of equipment by ground transport. A wide range of partners provides favorable prices and the ability to select vehicles for standard and individual tasks.

customs services

Our company provides a full range of customs services. The presence of partner brokers makes it possible to issue an export declaration in any country of the world, obtain a certificate of origin and Euro1 certificate, ,clear the imported cargos through customs. We also regulate issues related to obtaining permits, customs clearances and other official documents that are necessary for the import and export of goods.

cargo storage

To reduce the cost and consolidate the delivered cargos, Automatic Group has partnership contracts with transshipment warehouses, where cargo is stored and further distributed. Storage can be from several days to a couple of months.


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