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The war divided our lives and business
into two parts

Before the military aggression of the russian army on the territory of Ukraine at the company EC Automatic group LLC with the head office in Sumy (Ukraine) employed more than 100 employees. EC Automatic Group LLC has been working more than 17 years with international corporations, food manufacturers Nestle, Jacob’s, Modelez, CocaCola, Lactalis and Procter & Gamble consumer goods, with large Ukrainian companies in various fields of business. Qualified staff worked on production sites in Ukraine, Romania, the Czech Republic, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Spain. The switchboard equipment manufactured by EC Automatic group LLC installed at the enterprises works without any complaints. In 2018 built its own production complex of the company, which manufacture products from polymers, including biopolymers, for the production of food packaging (ZIP-LOCK tape and caramel tube LolliPops), which meets the needs not only of Ukrainian enterprises, but also exported to various countries. On the company’s website you can find  the completed projects and manufactured products: aut-group.us .

The company constantly maintains a high level of staff skills, infrastructure and production culture, has a warehouse of electrical and construction products, machinery and tools, necessary licenses, regulations and certificates for products, international certificates of quality management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, occupational safety ISO 45001 standards, FSSC 22000 packaging, registration on the SEDEX platform as a socially responsible company

But. . . the war turned business….

The specialists of the company are on the territory of Ukraine. Due to the ban on the departure of men, from February 2022 , we cannot perform work abroad at the enterprises of international corporations with which we have been cooperating for many years. Some workers, instead of power tools, took the arms and defend the territorial integrity and freedom of Ukraine in the war. Global trends in terms of time and cost of supply of equipment and components, polymer raw materials, broken logistics chains, also add to the difficulties. There are significant problems with the employment of the 72 employees who now remain and work in the company.

We are looking for work everywhere and any! We are open and ready to cooperate with international and Ukrainian companies! We are ready to open new directions of business!

We offer our own products for international and Ukrainian companies: switchboard equipment, polymer tape with ZIP-LOCK clasp and LolliPops caramel tube that meets European quality and safety standards.

For companies located outside of Ukraine, EC  Automatic Group LLC can perform the following works (remotely):

  • 3D visualization and 3D modeling;
  • development of design documentation;
  • design of complex components and mechanisms;
  • design and assembly of switchboard equipment;
  • antiproning of details of various complexity;
  • creation of models on the drawing;
  • 3D layout of enterprises; production of exhibition models;
  • creation of presentation videos of 3D models of buildings;
  • engineering miscalculations of loads on the structure.

At the territory of Ukraine EC Automatic group LLC can join international and national programs for the reconstruction of war-torn regions and facilities, represent interests in Ukraine and organize work on behalf of international organizations and foundations, organize and perform work on relocation of enterprises, became general contractors / subcontractors in the performance of works, perform current work on various objects related to the following areas:

  • electrical work and automation work; assembly and installation of control cabinets;
  • cable laying and installation of tray routes;
  • dismantling and installation of production lines of enterprises;
  • general construction works;
  • purchase and supply of industrial equipment, production lines and electrical equipment.

The portfolio of orders and stable work of the company is a guarantee of economy development of the country, deduction of taxes, support of army and the population, preservation of workplaces of the personnel. We believe that difficulties only make us stronger. Only together we will be able to overcome the difficulties not only of our own business, but also to help Ukraine and the world economy.

We are open to any proposals for cooperation! Everything will be Ukraine!

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