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Development automated process control systems

Automatic Group Florida offers development and implementation of automated process control systems. We develop a comprehensive solution in the management of technological operations in production – a special database of software and hardware that will manage the operation of production facilities and processes in accordance with the specified criteria. Automation of process control systems minimizes the participation of production personnel in the process, eliminating “errors due to the human factor.” Those responsible only need to make key decisions, analyze the progress of the production process and plan further actions.

The introduction of automated process control systems helps to improve the coordination and adjustment of the production process.

Functions of automated process control systems

  • Coordinated cycle of automatic measurement of numerous technical parameters and their timely adjustment
  • Reading data, processing and storing information about the operation of equipment and technological process
  • Remote control of the production process

The main advantages of implementing automation systems

  • Improving production productivity and economic efficiency
  • Optimization of process control functions, centralized control over operations, improving occupational safety at work
  • Reducing the burden on production personnel
Our specialists will help you from the first step of consultation on the automation of process control systems to the final stage of implementation of the system in operation at your company. First, to determine the production and economic effect, our company’s specialists will conduct a survey of the production facility, study the characteristics of the enterprise and offer the best options for creating a system of automation of the production process.

Implementation of automated process control systems includes

  • Preliminary inspection of the object, information support and consultation, finding the best ways to modernize production processes.
  • Selection of the necessary equipment based on the production needs and characteristics of the enterprise.
  • Drawing up a technical task for further design of the automation system.
  • Development and approval of the necessary package of documents.
  • Design of management system, including software and hardware.
  • Selection and supply of necessary materials and equipment in accordance with the design and estimate documentation.
  • Installation and start-up and adjustment works, adjustment of programs on automation of processes.
  • If necessary, instruct or train staff in the workplace.
  • Service of the equipment according to guarantee agreements.
Over the years of effective work on the market, we have gained a reputation as a reliable partner and care about strengthening our positive image. Therefore, we are guided in our work by important principles:
  • Study of individual features of each project
  • Selection of optimal technical solutions for a specific customer request
  • Development of a quality software product that facilitates the management of production cycles
  • Selection of modern equipment and reliable materials
  • Defining deadlines for the implementation of all works and compliance with the approved schedule
  • Guarantee of long service without failures and errors.
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