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Technological processes automation
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Benefits of technological processes automation

Technological processes automation is a set of methods and means designed to implement a system that allows to control the technological process without the direct participation of a person, or leaving the right for a person to make the most responsible decisions.

The main goals of technological processes automation are:

  • increasing the efficiency of the production process;
  • improving the safety of the production process.

The goals are achieved by solving the following tasks of process automation:

  • improving the quality of regulation;
  • increasing the availability of equipment;
  • improvement of labor ergonomics of process operators;
  • storage of information about the course of the technological process and emergency situations.

The solution of the tasks of automation of the technological process is carried out with the help of the introduction of modern methods and means of automation. As a result of automation of the technological process, an automated process control system is created.

Technological processes automation within a single production process allows you to organize the basis for the implementation of production management systems and organization management systems.

An automated process control system transfers production functions, control and management functions from a person to special automatic technical devices that provide automated collection, registration, transmission and processing of information.

Therefore, an automated production control system can include equipment (machine or apparatus), a line, a complex connected by its own communication system with control and measuring instruments that quickly and consistently collect information about deviations from the norm in the process and analyze the information.

The systems responsible for solving a specific function of the equipment, the technological process quickly decide how to adjust the operation of mechanisms, eliminate deviations in the modes of technological processes, etc.

Commands are given over the communication lines to carry out the necessary adjustments, and the execution of the received commands is simultaneously monitored.

Automated process control systems (APCS) together with a modern set of units and machines form automated complexes (AC).

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